About Us

Company Profile

Smart Media was established in October 2012. The company is to provide printing services and design corporate magazine. Apart from that, we also provide advice to traders who want to upgrade the image of their company or organization. Not limited to just that, Smart Media is also active in organizing community work around Saujana Utama.

The Concept
To conclude our support to our customers, our products and services are based on a pillar of strength to meet customer needs and requirements. We are a company that provides a one-stop center for advertising and to help local businesses and the community to the Saujana to meet their needs.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a top class service and provide the best service, and meet the needs of the industry and the demand for quality service and competitive prices for the benefit of advertising customers, employees and stakeholders in the industry we serve.

Our Objective
Magazines are able to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) build their business through modest budget with frequencies. we're strives to build stronger relationships with current business partners and enter new markets to keep pace with the needs of the industry and the demand for quality and price competitive products.


  Smart Media Saujana